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Melania Witch

September 10 2015 Published on #lista vrajitoarelor

Golden Globe charming holder can solve any problem by phone in just 24 hours with only the name and sign of the person.
I am a simple witch but I was born with the grace of God. I help the poor and rich alike.
For me money does not matter. My joy is to solve your problems.
Leg and untie any charms, close boyfriend girlfriend, who separated them together, help those who have problems in growth and achievements, heal certain diseases epilepsy, depression, psoriasis, quicksilver out, heal the passion of drink, drugs and any other problems you but my powers depend.

Phone 0768. 952.523


Maria Stoica'm from Italy and I want to make people aware that I was settled in my personal problems nor Mrs. Melania cost me money.

Maria Stoica, Italy

My name is Alin and I am in Spain. I thank Melania witch that brought me back Doti. You can also contact your telephone number 0768. 952. 523.

Alin, Spain

Read more about me www.vrajitoare-online.com

Read more about me www.vrajitoarero.com

Melania Witch
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